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Using our Data Science, Engineering and Analytics expertise, we’ll build your future, redefining what’s possible. Our end-to-end Data Consultancy delivers tailored support designed and deployed to maximize the value of your data.

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We support our clients at all stages of their data journey. From ETL, Data Ops & Warehousing right through to BI & Analytics, Data Science and even Bioinformatics. We field a team across North America with deep technological expertise, analytical acumen, and outside-the-box creativity.

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Who we work with

Our team of data specialists is ready to unleash the powerful potential of your data. Here’s a selection of clients we are currently working with.


We’re helping our Telecom clients to lead the 5G revolution. Our large team of experienced Telecom data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists can dive deep into your data, delivering valuable insights covering:

  • Network analytics
  • IoT products
  • Product performance
  • Vendor comparisons
  • Data usage
  • Dropout rates
  • Battery life
  • Churn rates

We create end-to-end data solutions for our Telecom clients, from data engineering through data analytics and visualization to Data Science and AI solutions. We create advanced data suites used for demand predictions, store optimization, and enhancing the customer experience.

Our expertise in this sector is unrivaled and we partner with some of the leading cloud computing providers, AWS and Snowflake. Other technologies we often work with in this field include distributed storage and computing (Hadoop, Apache Spark).

The Life Sciences sector is data-heavy and requires specialist help to process and analyze it. We can help you increase efficiency through process improvement and reduce your workload with automation. Our support allows you to build highly scalable data solutions that integrate new technology, allowing faster delivery which, ultimately helps improve patient care. Our Data Science support: Improves the effectiveness of drug trials Matches treatments with outcomes Predicts patients at risk Analyzes disease patterns and improve responses Improve ROI, sales conversions and marketing spend Accelerates drug discovery and development
Optimizing data has a direct correlation to business success for any Financial Services sector organization. Gaining valuable insights from your Big Data drives smarter decision making. At ProCogia, we develop dashboards and visualizations which allow you to make intelligent decisions. ProCogia supports Financial Services organizations with: Streamlining reporting & BI processes Management and storage of data Providing a single customer view Improving the customer journey Our team of data experts offer end-to-end solutions tailored to the exact requirements of your Financial Services organization. Results are actioned using AI and ML, allowing your business to become predictive, prescriptive and proactive.
With ever-increasing consumer demands, media companies need advanced data and analytics solutions that provide fast-to-market experiences, uniquely tailored to each customer. The ProCogia team has a wealth of media sector expertise. We ensure our clients gain the deepest insights to identify their customers’ preferences, behaviors, trends and demographic profiles. It’s all about drilling into functional, emotional and social behaviors to convert potential customers into fans. To help our media clients gain a real competitive edge, we adopt a multi-faceted approach with advanced AI and machine learning technologies to drive a broad range of capabilities such as: Computer vision Natural language processing Foundational models Search and ranking Optimized image searching

Data Solutions

We work with businesses worldwide, unlocking the full value of their data and delivering data solutions designed to unleash game-changing potential.


Applied machine learning to predict patients’ status based on their lab test/genetics variations for a hospital in


Applied deep learning & computer vision techniques to medical images to create image classification, segmentation and object detection for a health care…


DataCrave Analytics  helped a Seattle-based marine retailer build a modern Azure data warehouse to enable seamless business scalability and accurate historical insight…

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Who we work with

Our team of data specialists is ready to unleash the powerful potential of your data. Here’s a selection of clients we are currently working with.

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